Why is After-Sale more important than Sales?

Every leading brand in the marketplace understands the importance of after-sale, a crucial stage after a purchase is made, where customers justify their spend. Whatever happens here can result in a satisfied customer or a totally disatisfied experience.

So how can you leverage after-sale opportunities to keep your customers satisfied and coming back to buy from you again? This is what we’ll explore in this article and we hope you find it insightful in growing a successful business.

Customer psychology experts will tell you that customers buy on emotions, and justify later with logic. It is at this point the customer seeks to justify the spend. When they really can experience value for their money, you’re on your way to securing another satisfied customer who can someday become a loyal customer that’s eager and ready to buy more from you.

On the other hand, when the customer is disatisfed, the dream of customer loyalty in that instance is already at risk. So you don’t end up with disatisfied customers, let’s share some practical tips you can apply in your business to keep your customers delighted in your services, remain as loyal customers and willingly promote your services to others through word-of-mouth.

After-Sale Activities that result in Customer Satisfaction

Let’s use MyCo as an example, our all-in-one business solution and CRM. To illustrate what after-sale truly means, here are some of the steps we have taken to deliver an after-sale experience to our customers.

  1. Design the experience — if you want your customers to experience anything, you have to design it from the onset. At MyCo, we understand that a new system can be daunting to any user. To address this problem, we mapped out a customer journey, identifying the various customer touchpoints from awarness up to loyalty, and listed out all the actions we need to take to lead the customer through an enjoyable experience on our plat. After designing it, we were able to start taking practical steps to help us achieve the experience we’ve designed for our customers.
  2. Cushion the onboarding process — new users will always have questions after sale, and you don’t want it to be a bumpy experience. It is expected, so you need to antipate customer needs and proactively make it available after sale. This include help information, care tips, and other information to help customer get more value from your products/services. Realising that new users ask a number of questions to understand how to use our business CRM tool MyCo, we focussed on the first 7 days to automate series of welcome and instructional content to educate new users. This does two things. First of all, it provides proactive support to our new users, giving them the support they need without even asking. Secondly, it shows them we are always willing to support. This helped to reduce the support overhead on our support teams, especially in the early days of a new user on our platform.
  3. Be available to the customer — customer support is only valid if the customer knows it exists and they know how to reach you. You can easily turn your customers into frustrated customers if they struggle to reach you for any type of assistance. How do you make your support services available to customers? For example, at MyCo, our users are provided with access to a service center and customer chat tools through which they can reach us for assistance. This continuously gives our customers the confidence in our services, knowing that we are always available to support their needs.
  4. Deliver within clearly defined SLAs — if it’s late it’s bad. If it’s too late, it’s terrible. Every customer support must be delivered with clear Service Level Agreements (SLAs) with clear response and resolution timelines. Think about it. How would you feel if you asked for support but it took much longer than anticipated? Or imagine if you were told within 48hrs but it took a week. Would you be satisfied with the services? The answer is No, and that’s an experience you need to avoid for your customers by being very intentional with your timelines. At MyCo, we are very responsive to our customers needs and ensure that our acknowledgements, responses and resolutions are time-bound. This has helped us build trust with our customers over the years.
  5. Keep to your promises — this is a very important point for every business. There is always a tendency to promise the world during your marketing and sales activities. Be careful to set expectations correctly as the customer may bring it to your attention after-sale. If you are found wanting, it can destroy your credibility and leave you with a completely disatisfied customer. And that’s why at MyCo, we are very clear of what we deliver and how we deliver it. We use communication as a very important tool to set customer expectation, build relationships with our customers and keep them informed while they use our CRM tool. This has helped us to maintain high customer satisfaction rates within our business.

So what next?

If you read those 5 points we’ve shared in detail, you would summarise that the after-sale experience is very crucial in building a successful business. This is because the customer experience is what results in loyalty especially where customer satisfaction is delivered consistently.

And that is why we help businesses at MyCo, providing an all-in-one business solution and CRM tool, that can truly make business easier for you and your customers, by providing a seamless and enjoyable process for you and your customers. The result is satisfied customers that keep buying from you repeatedly.

MyCo was designed to help you setup a seamless customer experience through which you can sell and deliver a timely experience for your customers.

If you definitely desire an unforgettable after-sale experience for your customers, you should check out MyCo, the FREE trial will show you how you can use our CRM tool to provide great services to your customers.



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