MyCo partners with Manchester UK’s Biggest Exhibition Show, BobExpo

1000+ attendees, 150+ exhibitors and counting! This is exactly what we are set to experience in Manchester UK this summer, an event organised by BobExpo, with a simple mission to promote Black Owned Businesses.

MyCo’s partnership with BobExpo was a no-brainer. Our values align in helping small businesses, and we saw an opportunity to collaborate with BobExpo by providing our all-in-one tool for exhibitors to capture leads and boost sales quickly, while at their exhibition stand. This solves the problem of missing sales opportunities especially during an influx of visitors at the exhibition show.

Especially during the pandemic crisis when many businesses had to shut down operations, this is a fantastic opportunity for small businesses to re-introduce their brands, promote their services, and build a pipeline of sales opportunities.

MyCo remains an all-in-one solution that helps small businesses speed up their sales processes and operate their businesses efficiently. It removes the pain of juggling multiple business tools, with MyCo you can simply use one tool to manage your business.

Our affordable business solution is also offered at a further discounted rate to participating businesses, simply to equip small businesses to take advantage of sales opportunities at the 2021 BobExpo Summer Exhibition event.

You can find out more about BobExpo by checking out their website. And to find out more about MyCo and how we help small businesses, simply visit our website.



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