Want your customers coming back to buy? Learn from this Barbershop

If customer management is a bird, the two wings you need to fly are customer acquisition and customer retention. You need to expand your customer base and also keep your customers returning to buy your products / pay for your services.

Interestingly, it is this customer retention half of the equation that is often missing in a lot of businesses, strategies that help you keep the customers you’ve invested in acquiring.

There’s this barbershop in Brierly Hill — UK called Faders. This is the only barber shop I choose to go to for so many reasons, and I realised there were a number of strategies the business owner Mark, had put in place to keep customers like myself coming back for a haircut, every so often.

What Mark has done with Faders is simple, yet smart. The result is a continuous influx of customers into his high-street located barbershop. Let’s learn customer retention strategies from Mark.

5 customer retention strategies you can use right away

  1. Know your customer — you’ve probably heard this many times and it’s true, knowing your customer is a valuable asset. But it’s not just the knowledge; it’s how you apply it in serving your customer that helps you deliver personalised excellence to your customers. Mark recognises his customers and remembers their favorite haircut, quickly making customers feel at home as soon as they take their seat for a haircut in the barbershop. For growing businesses, an important tool you need to capture customer information, notes and preferences is a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tool such as MyCo.
  2. Minimise delays & waiting times — customers don’t like delays. They will simply walk away if you keep wasting time. This applies to customer inquiries and services. Mark has done an excellent job with his barbershop. He saw how customers queued up in numbers at his store, so he setup an appointment booking system to organise his customer visits. No one needs to wait hours anymore. You can now simply book an appointment online and show up when it’s time for you haircut.
  3. Make it super-convenient — no customer likes stress. Mark realised a lot of customers showed up without cash, so he quickly ordered a card payment machine for his store. This solves so many problems as customers don’t need to come with cash to the barber store. Also, the issue with looking for coins/change is history. It’s so convenient to make payment now.
  4. Offer alternatives and options — if there are no options, you’re only making it difficult for you to sell anything. And quite frankly, customers like choices. During the lockdown, Mark knew a lot of customers would struggle to get haircuts. So he offered a premium home-service to interested customers. This kept his customers seeking his services even while barbershops were shut during the lockdown period.
  5. Become a part of your customer’s lifestyle — the moment your customer relies on your products/services as part of their life, you know you’ve hit a jackpot. Like oxygen, they can’t do without you. Mark knows his customers will need a haircut every so often, so before any customer leaves after a haircut, he reminds them to book their next appointment so it’s right there in their calendar.

Can you see the effect of these 5 simple customer retention strategies Mark has applied in his business? But it must be mentioned that he is an absolute gentleman with a great customer-centric culture and passion for keeping his customers happy. This is very important in customer retention, delivering exceptional customer services.

Questions for you to think about

  1. Do you have a customer service culture in your business?
  2. Have you considered customer retention strategies to help you keep your customers buying from you and using your services?
  3. Do you have a customer database or a CRM (Customer Relationship Management) system to keep a record of your customers so you can build great customer relationships?

If the above made you think, you know you value the importance of customer services, customer excellence and customer retention in business. A tool that will help you deliver excellently to your customers and keep them coming back is our CRM solution called MyCo.

Why don’t you check it out and see how it can help you in your business?



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