The customer that said they’ll get back to you, but never did. Another sale lost?

A customer’s unwillingness to buy your products/services isn’t always due to lack of interest. It may just not be the right time for the customer, but without understanding how the customer journey or timeline works, you may not see the possibility of a future sale. It is this lack of foresight that leads businesses to either try forcing a customer to make a purchase they’re not ready for, or abandon the sale opportunities. So what do you do as a business to handle these situations?

A business owner once expressed interest in using our business automation tool (MyCo) to manage their coaching business activities. Her requirements were clear, a system that can handle customers, sales, email automation, appointment booking and the day-to-day operational activities of growing a business.

We gladly shared all the information needed, including inviting her to a demo/walk-through of our business solution. She loved it and said she will think about it.

But the reality of a possible sale in a few days started to look doubting. Days turned to weeks, weeks turned to months and the customer was nowhere to be found. Whatever happened to ‘I will get back to you’ quickly morphed into eternal silence. I am sure a lot of business owners and sales people can relate with this. Silence isn’t the greatest signs of purchase interests.

But there’s something interesting that turned this particular situation into a sales surprise, our sales funnel. We already have an automated sales funnel (using our own Business tool MyCo) with a number of sequenced emails including prompts/reminders on the benefits of using MyCo to operate and grow a business without stress.

Whenever anyone expresses interest in our services by completing any of our online forms on any of our landing pages, they are taken through a journey that focusses on:

  1. Education— we tell them what they want to know, the benefits, and how we solve some of the business problems they are facing.
  2. Evidence — we share some of the successes from other customers using reviews and testimonials. It’s all about credibility for us here.
  3. Experience — we show them what the future can look like, with emphasis on a seamless experience they don’t want to miss

It is at this point it starts to make sense for us to offer prospective customers with options and actions to take, so they can start to use our services (and pay for it).

But if we didn’t have a funnel or automated emails in place, we would have gone quiet on this specific potential customer who might never remember we even exist as a service provider.

In addition to the above, we keep our mailing lists warm, ensuring that anyone who expressed interest in our services continues to get content that educates them, provides evidence and highlights positive experiences. These serve as reminders too.

And out of the blues, a few months after, this same business owner reached to ask for a confirmation of our price packages. Within the hour, she purchased an annual package (a surprise, as most customers go for our mohthly package).

To summarise

Never misinterprete a customer’s silence or unwillingless to buy for a lack of interest.

Sometimes they are not ready, and it is not in your place to force them. Never abandon them either. Instead, nurture them and see where it leads over time.

They are on their buying journey, and that’s why you need to lay out a sales process (using automation and a sales funnel) to lead them from where they are, towards a buying decision (should the interest exist).

When you can hack this, your sales conversion rates will increase and you will start to see even more growth in your business.

Have you automated your sales process yet? Or will you leave it to chance and miss more opportunities?

You can take a look out MyCo to help you setup and automate your sales process, especially if you have a service-based business.




I talk about customer experience…..actually, I talk about customer-related topics! Have a read, and add something to your business.

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Sanmi GB

Sanmi GB

I talk about customer experience…..actually, I talk about customer-related topics! Have a read, and add something to your business.

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