SHOCKING!!! 😲 How you’re losing customers & sales daily without even knowing!

Don’t be fooled (again)! No customer wakes up in the morning with a priority to spend their money in your store (physically or digitally). What they are really after is the product, the service, the sensation, the experience. And as soon as they realise they can get ALL that without spending anything or spending much less, they won’t hesitate to consider an alternative. But that’s with the assumption your customer always gets to a point where they are ready to buy.

For many customers, all they do is windowshop, visiting your store, sales page or social media page, but are simply passing by. And that’s the problem right there, CONVERSION. You could really be attracting lots of customers who have the ability to buy and you can still be struggling to get any sales out of them. It is exactly why I have written this post to share 3 reasons why this could be happening and what you can do to turn these windowshoppers into buying customers.

1. You’re not enticing your customer enough

I once visited BMW in search of a new car. They told me ALL they could about the engine, the comfort, and so much more, and I was there undecided and frankly getting a little bit bored. But as soon as they offered me the opportunity for a test drive, OMG, it changed everything. I was super-excited, wore my sunglasses, tried speeding up, tested the brakes and increased the volume of the music to it’s loudest. It was an experience I enjoyed in those 8 minutes or so. To cut the long story short, I bought the car the same day.

You see, you’re going to have to do more than show customers what you sell, or talk about it. You have to give them something they can experience there and then. In the marketing world, we call this a Lead Magnet, simply because it has the ability to entice your real buying customers, give them something they can enjoy and lead them towards making a decision to buy. The question is, what can you offer for FREE or at a low-cost that can attract your customer and entice them into wanting more? Common examples are e-guides, e-books, brochures, free coaching sessions, free trials, tasters and so much more.

But don’t just give it out for FREE, collect their contact details in exchange for it and I will tell you why in the next point.

2. You’re not nurturing the sales opportunities

I learnt how to build the best Facebook ads from Ibukun Onitiju, but the first day I met him, I didn’t even know it was his area of specialism neither did he offer me the training course. I simply subscribed to his mailing list on his promise that he shares valuable content for businesses or something around those lines. When I received his first email, it was a big welcome, introducing himself and thanking me for joining his mailing list. There’s something very personal about the way Ibukun writes his emails, a totally different topic on its own. But over a series of emails, it was almost like I was having a conversation with Ibukun, he kept offering value, exposing some pain-points I could be facing in my business and eventually offered a few solutions. Guess what was offered? A training course!

I attended the course and it was one of the best I had attended in a long time, focussing on building ads. A few weeks later I heard he had launched another course and i didn’t even hesitate to sign up and pay for it. This is how I became a two-time buying customer.

If there’s anything to learn from this experience, it is the journey from being a prospect to becoming a paying customer, and it all happened right there via emails. The business of email marketing works like clockwork. Don’t be in a haste to shove your product/service to your customer without nurturing them from interest to strong desire. Craft your emails carefully and automate them so that customers who sign up for the lead magnet we spoke about earlier can be nurtured/convinced to making a purchase eventually.

Let your email marketing be intentional and lead your customers through a journey. When properly sequenced, you will convert more customers without even trying hard.

3. You’re not closing properly

Missing out on closing a deal is painful. It’s not even you that feels the pain, it’s your entire business because you’ve just lost another opportunity to grow your revenue, make more sales and increase your clientelle. Why? There are so many reasons for this but I will share an example first.

A business coach had contacted me on Instagram once and the conversation eventually led to him speaking about a coaching program he was offering. He didn’t exactly sell it to me, but talked about the numerous benefits. Of course I had been listening, and my responses showed that I was interested in hearing more, and this is how Steve knew I was a potential customer. Sometimes we are so impatient in allowing the customer build interest and desire, that we abandon them and move to the next customer. If that’s what you’re doing, you will keep losing customers.

Eventually Steve dropped a sign-up link, reminded me of the urgency in getting the results I desired, told me how I could sign up and reminded me a couple of days later until I indeed signed up.

Can you see what happened there? Sometimes we just expect the customer to know what action to take. And sometimes we expect them to know what to do next. It doesn’t work like that. This is why online retailers like Amazon will send you an email reminding you about the items in your shopping basket from last night, just to prompt you into making that purchase. If you’re not closing every opportunity you have, how will you make sales?

So the next time you write those fancy emails to your customers, ensure you are truly showing the customer what they should do next, so that you can close the deal, and convert them into paying for your services.

Guess what you need? A sales process!

It doesn’t get simpler to say that you need a sales process.

Lead Magnet (Entice the customer) + Automated emails (Nurturing the customer) + Offer/Next steps (Closing the deal) is the simple formula you need to build a sales process.

Really, it doesn’t get any simpler than that. And to make it even easier for you, we’ve got a tool that helps you create a simple sales process where you can capture customer interests (and offer something in exchange of their emails), lead them through a series of automated emails (no nurture them into buying) and of course present them with the option to buy from you.

Our business tool is called MyCo ( and we specifically built it to help you speed up your sales process so you can finally become a business that wins customers consistently, like never before.



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