Is your business process landing or losing you sales?

Customers want simplicity. The moment your customer struggles through difficulties in any of your processes, they are already contemplating finding a simpler option. In fact, they may already have made up their mind — to go elsewhere.

A seamless customer experience is super-important especially for brands who are serious about winning and retaining their customers. When your customer can interact with you seamlessly, buy from you easily and get your support easily, you know they will come back again to spend. But not just that, they’ll share the experience with others and most likely introduce your brand to others too. This is why building a seamless experience is non-negotiable, a standard every winning business should desire.

The cost of process flaws

For a while, I had been thinking of joining one of those paid online business communities and finally decided to subscribe to one. So I clicked the link to their linktree, scrolled down through the many options (too many options here) until I found what I was looking for. And that’s it, I was ready to sign up.

I was directed to their Google registration form (a form that had too many questions). I completed it quickly and got directed to a payment page with a payment button. You know, I could have sworn my phone had frozen. I tapped on the payment button so many times, and it just stood there staring at me. I was so confused (wishing there were instructions on how to get help), I wasn’t sure what to do, so I returned to their Instagram page to get some online assistance.

I eventually sent a message asking for help and waited patiently.

Days passed, it was now about a week (this is too late in my opinion), and an email eventually popped into my inbox — they finally realised I tried signing up but hadn’t paid. Unfortunately, I had already lost interest and decided I would invest my funds elsewhere.

And that’s the cost right there. The loss of a sale opportunity (and possibly all the referrals I could have brought to this business), all because of the flaws in the process!

I replied the email telling them I wasn’t interested any longer, and that’s how the conversation ended. I was actually surprised they didn’t ask for more feedback so they can prevent it from happening. That said, I hope they finally fixed the issues in thier process.

Whenever I think about this experience, I remind myself how businesses can lose customers and sales simply because of flaws in their process.

And here are some common processes you may already have in your business.

Do you have a sign up form for your customers?

What’s your customer onboarding process looking like?

Do you have a customer complaints process?

If you desire a seamless experience that leads your customers towards buying, let me share a few actions that are guaranteed to give you better results.

How to improve your existing business process (shared by Sanmi Gbadegesin at the 2020 Actualise Business Summit)

5 questions to help you setup a seamless process for you and your customers

  1. What should your process look like? — if you want to lead your customers through a seamless process, it starts by designing one with the customer in mind. The moment a customer decides to take action, whethere it’s to book an appointment or sign up for your services, think about the various steps they’ll take. Every click matters, so design it and draw it out so you have a visual representation of what it looks like.
  2. How can you simplify your process? — this is where simplification comes in. Of the many steps, can you merge some? Are there some steps that are unnecessary? Are there some screens that are not needed? How can you make it simpler for the customer? This is where you transform your process into simplicity making it much easier for the customer across the entire process. For example, if you’re collecting data on a form, consider reducing the questions to make the form shorter.
  3. How long does your process take? — time is crucial. Nobody wants to spend all their time on a task or any process even if they are completing a form to sign up for your FREE coaching session or other services. Customers may be tempted to procastinate anything that looks like a long process. Make it simple, so you don’t lose their attention. It is not enough to have a working process, it is important for it to be efficient too. Even after the customer has taken action to complete your form, check how long it takes for you to process them and take further action where necessary. This is where you need to carefully watch your timelines so you don’t lose customers due to delays and long waiting times.
  4. How can you validate that it really works?— the real test to validate a seamless process is a trial. But it’s very easy to be bias to your own processes, after all, you’re not the customer. So ask a potential customer to test it, get their feedback for every step possible and take actions to improve it until it provides a seamless experience for the customer. If you have different customer segments across different demographics, the more you can test the better. You will end up with a better process eventually.
  5. How can you automate your process? — technology is key. If you rely mostly on manual tasks to run your business activities, it will take you longer and cost you more effort. This is not efficient for you or your customers. There are digital tools that can easily help you automate many tasks across your business processes in ways that save you effort, time and deliver a quicker experience for your customers. Think digital and take advantage of technology.

Simplifying your business process using MyCo, a business tool to help you

When we built MyCo, the aim was to make it all simpler for businesses and their customers. Our objective has not changed, and that’s why MyCo has all the tools a business needs to sign up customers and serve them through a seamless customer experience.

For businesses who choose to use MyCo, a great place to start is to create a Sales Process using the MyCo Sales Process Wizard. This is where you can:

  1. Create a landing page
  2. Automate form submission actions e.g. take customer payment, book customer appointment, get customer’s signature for an agreement/contract
  3. Automate communication e.g. email acknowlegements, SMS confirmations, next steps etc, AND
  4. Visualise what the process looks like

It is the simple reason a lot of businesses chose MyCo, providing them with an all-in-one business tool they can use to handle their sales process and various aspects of their business too.

If you want to see MyCo in action, you’re best experiencing it yourself via the FREE 14-day trial where you can have the hands-on experience on all their business tools to see how MyCo can help you in your business.

If you found this article useful, let us know your thoughts int he comments.



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