Managing my business is a lot of work. Should I hire a Virtual Assistant?

Entrepreneurs and business owners have something in common — lot’s to do. The other challenge is that time is never enough, so some have undertaken the services of a professional assistant type resource to help them remotely. The industry recognised term for someone who delivers these services, is a Virtual Assistant (VA). Tasks undertaken by virtual assistant usually include admin, bookkeeping, social media management and other related tasks.

But while many busy business owners continue to seek the services of virtual assistants, it is also becoming more of a popular service provided by many people online, including both full-time and part-time services. In fact, popular freelancing websites have lots of freelancers offering virtual assistant services.

But virtual assistant costs could accumulate into large expenses for a small business. With an average rate of £20/hour in the United Kingdom, you can easily spend £100s if not more on virtual assistant services in a single month. This makes it almost impossible for a small business with limited funds to consider or afford the support of a virtual assistant.

So what options do small businesses have. As a small business, how do I cope with managing my business activities without compromising on delivering quality services to my customers?

An option for small businesses

Rather than employing a virtual assistant and incur business expenses, technology is an option that’s always available especially in the area of automation. For example, a simple Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system like MyCo can manage many of the activities that a paid virtual assistant can do at a small fraction of VA costs.

As an example, Esther delivers career coaching services to professionals, preparing them and helping them secure their next career opportunity. Her business activities include signing up clients, arranging consultations, forwarding emails/documents to clients, preparing invoices monthly for recurring clients, ensuring payments are made, tracking progress with her clients and collecting reviews as soon as the service is fully delivered. This in itself is a lot of work considering Esther has other commitments that also require her time.

When Esther started to struggling to keep up with managing the various activities to keep her business operational, she was left with no choice but to engage a resource. She engaged technology, MyCo helps her handle a lot of these tasks through automation.

It is no news that small businesses waste as much as 200+ days of their time on admin. This time can’t be recovered but can be put into better use such as acquiring customers, delivering services and generating profit. Without leveraging the benefits of technology, in this case a CRM system, it is impossible to maximise productivity, efficiency and grow a business to its full potential.

So what exactly is MyCo and how can it help a small business?

MyCo is an all-in-one business solution, much better than using several business tools to manage a business, it has the key tools you need to operate and grow your business. This includes customer management, campaign management, appointment booking, bookkeeping, and a variety of daily business activities powered by automation.

MyCo was built to help small businesses speed up their sales process, operate their businesses seamlessly and retain their customers as well.

Being a cloud-solution offered as a Software-as-a-service, users can access MyCo from their laptop or mobile device easily as long as they are connected to the internet. It is essentially your business on the go, in your palm and everywhere you go, helping you to stay connected to the daily progress of your business without leaving sales opportunities to chance.

So, will you rather employ a Virtual Assistant or engage technology to help you?

The truth is, as your business grows, you will start to need more resource to keep up with the scale of your business activities. A virtual assistant is always an option if you have the work and the funds to engage one, but a small business or solopreneur can leverage technology to manage their business operations. It is not only a cost-effective solution, but also a reliable solution, knowing that a system is operational 24/7 and never gets tired.

And if you’ll love to find out more about MyCo, our CRM solution we’ve described in this article, there is more information on the website. You will find it a useful solution especially if you’re a soloprenuer or run a small business.

Click here to visit the MyCo website so you can find out more.



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