So, is it really possible to get customers from ClubHouse? But how?

Your customers are definitely on ClubHouse too.

Many people are money on the 1st audio platform for social networking. If you are yet to download the app, it is called ClubHouse and it is available on both IOS and Android. If you are already on the app, and yet to join the bandwagon of those monetizing sale opportunities from ClubHouse, don’t give up. I created this guide to share some lessons tips and tricks that can increase your chances of getting customers off ClubHouse and making sales.

So, it took me 3 months to land my first customer on ClubHouse and I was more than excited to see money drop into my bank account for a service I delivered in excitement. This was mostly due to me taking my time to study how the app could support my business aspirations, but as soon as I developed a strategy, I started to find results in my ClubHouse experience. Since then, I have been able to sell multiple services to various customers through CRM software license sales and hourly coaching services too.

In a noisy and saturated marketplace, your competitors are actively chasing your target audience too, so you need to be strategic and tactful, taking advantage of every platform you are using to promote your services, including ClubHouse.

I want to give a big shout out to various ClubHouse moderators and co-moderators who have supported my journey as well — from sharing tips on how to optimise your ClubHouse bio to learning the art of introducing yourself on ClubHouse and increasing your chances of finding customers.

So here are some tips you can consider in maximising your ClubHouse especially in connecting with customers.

Disclaimer — No one can promise you sales. But if you focus on increasing your selling opportunities, you have a higher chance of getting more customers and more sales.

So how can you maximise your sale opportunities on ClubHouse?

1. Know your objectives!

“No clear objectives, no results”

If you do not know why you are on ClubHouse, you will not achieve anything there except becoming a regular attendee of the app. Having many followers or becoming famous is not the same as sales, so do not get distracted. The question for you is, “what are your objectives and your goals?” The point is to have an objective, so that your participation, activities and connections on ClubHouse are all pointing towards it. If your objectives are to generate business leads, then be clear about it. And if your objectives are to connect with business partners, it is also great. The key is to be intentional about your activities on the platform.

2. Optimise your ClubHouse bio!

“Your bio is your ClubHouse CV”.

No matter how you verbally introduce yourself on ClubHouse, anyone looking to connect with you will likely check your ClubHouse bio. A lot of connects will also check your bio when you are offline. Therefore, it is so important to have enticing copy on your bio, to trigger the attention of the reader. An important tip here is to leverage the first 80 characters of your bio, as this is what readers see when looking at a compressed version of your ClubHouse bio. Leaving your bio empty, being unclear on your offer or having a bio that is too long can disconnect you from your potential customers. Your bio is like a mini-CV, so be clear on what you say there and leave a call-to-action statement. For example, visit my web page and book a consultation session, connect with me on Instagram to access my FREE tips etc. Lastly, keep updating your bio to keep it up to date. I have changed mine several times and that has kept it relevant to my target audience.

3. Be Active, not Passive

“If they can’t hear you, they can’t know you”

The obvious tip is to encourage you to speak on ClubHouse, after all, it is an audio platform. While anyone can search for you, look through your bio and connect with you, it isn’t the quickest way to connect with your target audience. But when you come up discussion stages and participate, everyone can hear you, and given the chance to take a look at your bio. This is why a lot of active speakers get a considerable number of followers as they are able to drive connections through being active on ClubHouse. Of course you don’t have to participate in every discussion you find yourself, but leverage some of the opportunities you have to promote yourself too. As an example, because I am focussed on business and customer experiences, I usually share my thoughts in business-related conversations.

4. Nail your introductions!

“Your introduction is a sales pitch in disguise”.

Introducing yourself on every ClubHouse stage is a sales pitch opportunity you should leverage at every opportunity. Even if you are just jumping on the stage to share your opinions on the topic being discussed, read the room, and see if you have an opportunity to introduce yourself. Reading the room is super-important, so you can introduce yourself in the way that connects best with your audience. Avoid long introductions, especially in discussions where many people are waiting to speak. Be clear with your ask (requests) as well. For example, “I am looking to connect with photographers based in London” etc. And don’t forget to leave a call to action. For example, “Please connect with me on Instagram, and leave me a message”, “Book a FREE coaching session using the link on my Instagram bio” etc. You can take a look at my clubhouse bio @sanmigbadegesin as an example.

5. Have a lead magnet!

“Entice first, sell after”.

Many businesses lose customers because they push offers to customers that are not ready to purchase. There is a more effective technique, and it is using a lead magnet. A lead magnet is an item or resource that is readily available for your prospective customers to access. The aim of a lead magnet is to entice your potential customers to consume/enjoy an offer from you for FREE or at an extremely low cost. Common examples are FREE guides, PDFs, templates, complementary coaching sessions, or other resource that provide immediate value to your prospective customers. The idea is that you collect their details in exchange for the item/resource you are providing. That way, you are carefully building a list of potential customers which you can nurture carefully into paying customers. As an example, I will be turning this article into a downloadable PDF guide which will be exchanged for the contact details of anyone who needs it.

6. Lead prospects into your sales process

“Without a sales process, you’ve left it all to very low chances of sales”

Most contacts you make on ClubHouse will not buy from you immediately. They will still need to know you, like you and trust you. While this can take a while, a sales process can help you shorten the time it takes for a contact to becoming a paying customer. But the journey is only possible if you have a sales process to nurture them. A sales process includes several activities and touchpoints that guide your customer towards buying from you. When interested customers access your lead magnet via sign ups, you can nurture them through a series of automated emails that educate them about your services, addresses their pain points/needs and convinces them to pay for your services.

So, what did you think of the tips shared in this article?

The tips shared in this document are by no means exhaustive, but as you build experience on ClubHouse, you will find it easier.

While ClubHouse is not a marketplace where you can immediately sell your products and services, it is a great platform to connect with potential customers and lead them into your sales process.

Therefore, you need a sales process in place before you actively start promoting anything on ClubHouse or your customers will end up buying from your competitors.

Building a sales process can be as simple as having a landing page where customers can sign up to accessing your lead magnet or getting more information from you. To follow-up and nurture the opportunities, you can also automate a series of emails to convert the contacts into paying customers.

And how can you setup your sales process right away?

We have the perfect Business Automation Tool to help you create and speed up your sales process. It is called MyCo (My Centre Office), and it is an all-in-one business tool that helps you operate and grow your business.

All you need do is click this link : and we will tell you everything you need to know about setting up your sales process immediately.

Did you enjoy reading this Guide? I hope you found it useful. I will encourage you to consider the tips shared as you continue to maximise your ClubHouse experience especially in the pursuit of building your brand and getting more customers.

Sanmi Gbadegesin (Founder/CEO, MyCo)



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