How to turn customers into your brand promoters without you even asking

Some of the best marketing agents you can employ in your business are satisfied customers. Their voices are more believable than any of your sales copies, and a lot of times, they just take it upon themselves to promote your services to others, without you even asking or paying for it.

Of course that leads to two types of rewards— more customers and more sales in your business.

So, are you leveraging your customers as a marketing strategy? You’d be surprised how much unsolicited marketing your customers can do for you.

And we already know how powerful referral marketing is, with customers more likely to engage with your brand or buy your product/service, just because they heard it from someone they trust.

So, let me tell you how I became a raving promoter for Roveys Luxury and a few lessons we can take into our businesses.

How I met Roveys

Ells is a luxury fragrance consultant, and I took up her consultation services which led to her matching me to a couple of luxury fragrances that suited my personality.

Lesson 1 : Be patient with the customer — What I loved about this session was her patience and her expertise. I learnt so much about fragrances during the session and was completely wow’ed! Within a couple of days, Ells had now posted my wife and I some sample luxury fragrances to try.

We absolutely loved them. But it wasn’t just the fragrances that we loved. The delivery arrived in a very intriguing packaging. One of the best I’ve seen in a very long time from a small business.

Then we got hooked…

A couple of weeks after, our samples ran out, and we were at the Roveys doorstep again, asking to place an order for the Baccarat Rougue 540 fragrance. And within a couple of days, the fragrance arrived in the post, well packaged with personalised notes as well.

Lesson 2 : Keep your promises. Exceed customer expectations all the time! — If there’s something else I love about Roveys, it’s their promise. They tell you when you should expect your order, and they keep you informed all the way. Never a broken promise with them.

But there was a new surprise within the order, an additional fragrance sample, for a totally new fragrance experience.

If there’s one thing I’ve noticed with Roveys, they like to surprise their customers, leaving a long-lasting impression of excitement with buyers. And this is part of what makes it an unforgettable full-rounded customer experience for the customers.

Delighted customers evolve into raving fans

A few years ago, Amercian Express conducted a study and discovered that satisfied customers share their experiences with an average of 9 others. Shockingly, customers with poor experiences tell an average of 16 others.

Can you imagine how many new customers you can reach, just by giving your existing customers a great experience?

I am one of those customers of Roveys, and I can’t count how many people I have shared my experience with. I just love the brand and I’ve naturally told others about it.

Lesson 3 : Focus on customer satisfaction — If there’s any lesson from this experience, it is the focus on customer satisfaction. When attention is placed on ensuring a customer is extremely satisfied, you’ve not only won the customer, you’ve also won a future of repeat-sales too.

Customer satisfaction makes a huge difference

The delivery of excellence to your customers transforms them into satisfied customers. Doing that continuously transforms them into raving promoters of your brand.

A lot of customers ride on the recommendations and referrals from people they trust, so it only makes sense to ensure that your customers are raving promoters of your brand. They simply lead to more customers and more sales opportunities for you.

“The voice of your customer is the loudest marketing voice you have, more effective than any of your sales copies, and more convincing than any of your salespersons.” — Sanmi Gbadegesin (CEO, MyCo)

So give your customer services priority in your business, it is the first step towards transforming your customers into raving promoters of your brand.

We hope you found this article useful. We would love to hear your comments. Stay connected with us, and check out MyCo, it is our business tool that helps small businesses deliver great experiences to their customers.



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