A challenge many service-based businesses are facing — conversion!

If you’re one of those who have invested time, funds and possibly hired a social media content creator to help you promote your business, but eventually got frustrated at the lack of sales, you’re not alone. I have been there before, and it took a conscious effort to focus on activities that do generate sales.

Every social media platform has turned into a digital marketplace, with so many businesses promoting one type of product or service or the other. But don’t be fooled, marketing doesn’t always translate into sales, and while a lot of businesses have leveraged the opportunities social media has provided to reach more of their target audience, a lot of times customers still don’t buy. They’ve only ATTRACTED their target audience, but still struggling to CONVERT them into paying customers. It is the conversion that generates the sales, that’s where the money is.

But conversion is not an easy task. Firstly, you’re faced with customers who potentially have choices in the marketplace, with your competitors offering similar services and possibly at more competitive prices. Secondly, customers don’t like to be sold to. The average customer isn’t exactly waiting for you to show up with a product/service so they can part with their money. Before a customer buys anything, they would usually go through a psychological journey of awareness and consideration before hitting that button to pay for your services. And it is in that journey that expert businesses put a lot of focus on, paying attention to connecting with customers and nurturing them from a point of interest to a point where they are fully convinced it’s time to buy.

Leaving sale opportunities to chance is a very risky way of running a business. If you desire business growth, then you should treat every sale opportunity as an opportunity that must not be lost. And this is why every business must have a sales process through which a customer interest can be nurtured from interest (leads) into actual sales. This process is called conversion and you may have heard it used widely by sales professionals.

A sales process is very important. You can see it as the road that leads your customers from where they are to your point of sale. But this road can have various touchpoints, opportunities for your brand/business to interact with your customers giving them value that leads them further towards making that decision to buy from you. That touchpoint can be a visit to your company website, an email you sent to the customer giving them important information about your services, or an appointment for further discussion. And it is simply because the process can be long or time-consuming that successful businesses use trusted tools to help them setup and speed up their sales process.

This is what My Centre Office (MyCo) specialises in, a technology company with a mission to seeing business grow. MyCo has built a business tool that allows for setting up and speeding up your sales process, automate interactions with your customer (in form of emails and SMS), and lead them towards making a decision to buy from you. You can check it out on www.mycentreoffice.com

Let us share an example with you. MaryFash is a Business Strategy Coach. But finding customers to pay a few GBPs isn’t the easiest task in the world, especially as she targets growing businesses. So MaryFash has setup a sales process in MyCo allowing interested customers to sign up for a free consultation session or a FREE workshop. For anyone who signs up for any of the free services, they are nurtured with a series of emails, each of them focussed on sharing useful information with the potential customer. This has seen to convert many customers into sales for MaryFash, and this has only been possible with the use of MyCo, to speed up your sales process.

Do you want to find out more about MyCo and how it can help you speed up your sales process? Check it out on www.mycentreoffice.com .

Many years ago, I had a vision to build a business tool that startups and SMEs can grow their businesses with. Here it is and it is great to already see it help many businesses who are facing selling challenges.



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